Pet Policy

We understand that pets are like part of the family but depending on how an owner trains and caresses the animal will determine their behavior. For this reason, we require applicants to fill out a pet screening application for each pet they would like to have with them on the property.

This application will collect all your pet(s) information. The more information you provide about your pet(s) will help us determine if we will be able to rent this property to your entire family pet(s) included. The pet application fee starts at $20 for the first pet and $15 for any additional pet.

Our Non-refundable Pet Fee Starts at $450 per pet, for the privilege of having a pet on the property. You will also be assessed a Pet fee of $30 Per pet every month. The more information that you provide in the pet application helps us determine the pet fee to be charged.

Please go to fill out the Pet Screening application below.

Once your pet application is completed, we will then have you go ahead and fill out the application for the property you want to live in.

Just remember not all properties we have listed will accept pets, please call us or check the website and see if pets are accepted prior to filling out a pet application. If you are still unsure you can call, email, or text our office and ask.

Be advised you will be required to update your pet information and pay a nominal fee annually prior to any lease renewal being signed.

Services Animals and Support Animal Requirements
We understand that your need is to have your animal with you, however, we need you to fill out the animal application and provide all your application documentation for your Service/Support animal to Pet Screening.

This application is free to you, however, it must be completed so that we are in compliance with all applicable laws covering Service and Support Animals. Complete the Pet Screening application below.

Below that, add in the information from this page:

Create the necessary pages with the information from that screening.